IDTA Nozzle
IDTA DLG silver

Weed’s famous last words:

“Oh no! It’s an IDTA!!!”

The new generation of twin flat spray air-injector nozzles.
Simply more efficient.


IDTA – the asymmetrical twin flat spray air-injector nozzle

Spray angles of 120° to the front and 90° to the rear guarantee optimum deposition characteristics.
The sophisticated nozzle design results in an increased l/ha rate. In addition, the wide pressure range from 1 to 8 bar offers larger forward speed ranges and ensures uniform crop coverage. A professional nozzle through and through.

No chance for pests.


  • High drift reduction over entire pressure range.
    Approved in Germany, the UK and the Netherlands.
  • Asymmetric spray pattern for higher forward speed and
  • Reduced spray shadow
  • Wear-resistant ceramic material
  • Wide pressure range
  • High area spraying performance
  • Toolless removal of injector – also possible wearing protective gloves (patented)


  • Pesticides and growth regulators
  • Border spraying with IS 80 border nozzle
  • Ground care / amenity spraying


Nozzle sizeNozzle size
02 – 08

Spray angleSpray angle
front 120° / back 90°


Pressure rangePressure range
1 – 4 – 8 bar

Recommended filterRecommended filter
80M 02 / 60M 025 – 08

Droplet sizeDroplet size
extreme coarse to coarse

Product information

IDTA for crop spraying:
more options

Higher requirements and strict regulations regarding drift are increasingly reducing the options available for spraying pesticides. IDTA gives these options back to you. Thanks to the high drift reduction, coarse droplets and excellent precision of the spray pattern, you can still work at wind speeds when other nozzles have long ceased operation.

IDTA for ground care and amenity spraying: doing more with less

Requirements regarding equal distribution and deposition are high.
IDTA with its special asymmetrical spray jets offers optimum prerequisites for efficient area coverage. Even difficult target surfaces are reliably spray coverage.

Test results: IDTA’s facts and figures

IDTA is the result of intensive development and discussions with farmers in the field. See the test results, which show you how you can improve your spraying.

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Lechler: nozzle know-how
in agriculture

IDTA is our latest member in the wide range of agricultural spray nozzles. Thanks to our experience of more than 135 years, we provide you with the prerequisites for improved efficiency, lower costs and higher productivity in the field. Contact us – we will be glad to answer your questions.

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